New Building Information:

The Self-Study survey has been approved by the Diocese of Raleigh. We can now go forward with the selection and signing of a limited scope agreement with an architectural firm that will provide us with a master site plan.  The master site plan is the rendering of buildings on the land with proposed roads and parking facilities. The process of achieving such a rendering will include a town hall meeting with you, the parishioners, to understand the community’s desires. We are also now able to seek necessary approvals from the Town of Cary. The actual design of the buildings comes later and will include further consultation with the leadership of Mother Teresa and the parishioners.

In the future we will formally announce our Capital Campaign Committee.

These are truly historic and exciting times in the preparation to build on Yates Store Road. As we head into this next phase of our process, we sincerely ask for your prayers for God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit and the Intercession of Mother Teresa that we may truly serve ALL the people of God well and give Him glory by our efforts.

Town Hall Meeting Regarding New Building:

Steve Stefton AND Jason Imhoff, the co-chairs of the Building and Land Use Committee will be hosting this Town Hall Meeting. As you all have heard and read, much work has gone into our preparation for one day building on Yates Store Rd. This is an important opportunity for you to have a say in this process. On Sunday August 5th after both masses, we will conduct a listening session with the architects who have been hired to complete our master site plan. The Master Site Plan is the first step toward building. It is a layout of buildings, parking and other structures on the land to ensure we achieve the best use of our valuable resources.

You are invited to this brief presentation by the architects and then an opportunity to suggest the things that are important to you for consideration in our building process. Again, this will take place after both Masses on Sunday August 5th. Please come prepared to participate in this town hall meeting.