Capital Campaign Announced!

On Sunday, October 7, 2018 the video below was shown during Mass! It was a monumental day for Mother Teresa Catholic Church! Stay tuned as more information will be regularly added to this page!

New Building Information:

The Self-Study survey has been approved by the Diocese of Raleigh. We can now go forward with the selection and signing of a limited scope agreement with an architectural firm that will provide us with a master site plan.  The master site plan is the rendering of buildings on the land with proposed roads and parking facilities. The process of achieving such a rendering will include a town hall meeting with you, the parishioners, to understand the community’s desires. We are also now able to seek necessary approvals from the Town of Cary. The actual design of the buildings comes later and will include further consultation with the leadership of Mother Teresa and the parishioners.

In the near future parishioners will be hearing much more about the Capital Campaign formally announced on SUnday, October 7, 2018.

These are truly historic and exciting times in the preparation to build on Yates Store Road. As we head into this next phase of our process, we sincerely ask for your prayers for God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit and the Intercession of Mother Teresa that we may truly serve ALL the people of God well and give Him glory by our efforts.

Watch a video of Fr. John Wall, Sunday November 18, 2018 on Vision and encouragement for building Mother Teresa Church.

Watch an interview with some of our dedicated building and ground disciples. Exciting things are happening and a sneak peak into Mother Teresa Mission’s future plans!

August 5 Town Hall Meeting Recap

Many thanks to volunteers who assisted our BLU Committee and Little & Company in the presentation last weekend on our master site planning.  What joy to witness this “next step” in our endeavor to build in Yates Store Rd.  Much good work and information was generated and much more to come.  Remember, this is a broad spectrum look at the immediate needs and future needs of this community.

Attendees had an opportunity to provide comments and fill out a survey form that allowed everyone the opportunity to express opinions and recommendations on what should be included on the site.

Here is a note from Father Dan regarding the building:

One key question that came up was regarding a church or a parish hall?  What I have maintained and continue to insist upon, is that we are building a worship space for our community to be able to gather and to celebrate the Eucharist.  Ideally a church would be the perfect place for that.  However, that possibility relies entirely upon the generosity of this community and our ability to build a church or a worship center where the tabernacle will become the anchor of our faith on that property.  I strongly encourage you to read the “Self Study” that was done that outlines the three phased approach to our proposed building program.  Clearly, we have much work to do and much more dialogue to get there.  Your prayers, your input, your patience and soon your generosity, will all go a long way to helping achieve this dream.

And, we will achieve this dream one step at a time and one soul at a time.  It will not be the work of one or a few, but of everyone.  The hallmark of this community, welcoming everyone and making a place at the table for everyone, is what will enable us to achieve this.  To see in every person, the face of Christ.  Sister Perma, Mother Teresa’s successor reminds us of this wherein she quotes her predecessor, “everyone is infinitely loved by God and all are created to love and be loved, but unless one finds that deep energy and essential existence in one’s own heart, we will not be at peace.”  Before this community was named after this great saint, it possessed that very charism and continues to exude that deep energy to welcome and love all who enter our doors.

Fr. Daniel

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Mission Master Plan Study

View Community Input Session August 5th, 2018 here »