What’s Next?

“Wow!“ and “Thank You!” to all who have contributed to our building/site fundraiser! Presently, we are at $100,000 and counting. But what’s next? We will continue to grow this fund in order to begin exploring the establishment of a building on our land. Once our building needs have been identified, we will be starting a true capital campaign. We are now forming a Building/Land Committee who will consider what proposals might best work for our needs.

So, whether an Architect, a Landscape Architect or Contractor, we are asking for your assistance in this process. The current site fund will be used to fund these efforts. Any remaining money at the end of this exploration and planning process will be used for the building itself. If you are interested in participating on this Committee, please contact either Joe Steinlage or Roger Henkel. Please continue your monthly gift to the Site Fund which will help us to move quickly in this next step of our journey to our new spiritual home…  and if you haven’t yet contributed, please do so! What a wonderful endeavor to be a part of! Yes. Sign me up »

We Share Giving Website is up »

Go online to: motherteresa.weshareonline.org 

  1. Register with your email and password
  2. Click “Make a Donation”
  3. Click “Recurring Donation”
    You can enter an amount for weekly, monthly, etc. and select which day of the week you want it to come out of your account.
  4. Pick your “Recurrence” Start
  5. Choose your payment type
    • Checking/Savings Direct Withdrawal
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card
  6. Enter Your Payment Details
  7. Create Your Contact Information
  8. Confirm Your Information

Here are some important information when making a choice:
• Checking/Savings Direct Withdrawal provides the best bang for your buck.
• Debit/Credit Card charges Mother Teresa a service fee up to 3%, but however you choose to give, we will be grateful!

$25,000 Parish Goal

We’ve met our goal! Thank you!

$25,000 Raised

$25,000 Matching Gifts by 12.31.16

$50,000 Overall Goal