A Message from Fr. Charles about the St. Matia Mulumba Church Project – July 2017

Summer greetings from Uganda! I am writing to update you on the projects that the Mother Teresa Community has so generously funded in our community. Two major projects were required of us before any work on the extension and renovation of our parish church could begin. These were the completion of a community hall and the construction of a new road in front of our church.

The community hall is now completed and will be used for our worship during the period of the expansion and renovation of the church. Kindly accept our gratitude for all the assistance you gave us to make this community hall functional.

Our church extension necessitates the complete closure of the road in front of the church and the making of a new road, which has continued to delay the project. The district road engineer has approved our application for the new road which is to be done by the local government. It is their responsibility and they have the equipment. The parish community will fund the expense of the road construction work. We are now waiting to hear from the district when they will begin and then we will be ready to start the church expansion and renovation.

Much as we are sorry for the delay we renew our gratitude for your goodness in our lives. We sincerely request your continued appreciation of our circumstances.

Let us remain united in prayer,

Fr. Charles Lugenda

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Parishioners inside St. Matia Mulumba Church
Parishioners inside St. Matia Mulumba Church

St. Matia church - area in front of church where church will be expanded.

Fellowship Hall that will be St. Matia Mulumba temporary 'church'

during construction and remodel of church

Fr. Charles and construction of 'washrooms' next to Fellowship Hall